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Turn your drafty fireplace into a heating giant with a Jotul wood fireplace insert. Jotul inserts are based on Norwegian cast iron crafts since 1853 emphasizing functionality to maximize heating efficiency and firebox capacity plus modern design that is both innovative and resistant to short-term trends. http://jotul.com

Pacific Energy

Designed to deliver efficient combustion and controlled heat, Pacific Energy wood inserts are easy to light, easy to use, and provide a clear view of the flame. With variable speed fans, clean-glass air-wash technology and heavy-gauge construction, Pacific Energy inserts will provide many years of comfort and enjoyment. http://pacificenergy.net

True North

Convert an existing fireplace into a source of efficient heat with a True North wood insert. Using reliable, durable non-catalytic technology True North wood inserts will burn clean and offer years of trouble free warmth. The gasketed cast iron door seals the firebox, while clean air-wash technology ensures a full view of the fire while in use.

MF Fire

MF Fire uses patented technologies, timeless contemporary design to fit the style of any home, and state-of-the art fire science to build stoves with high efficiency and low emissions. The MF approach is to deliver the best and easy to use wood heat experience possible to meet the demands of modern living. https://mffire.com

ICC Premium Chimney Systems

Since 1991 the objective for the Industrial Chimney Company has been to engineer chimney systems which enable better, faster installations while using fewer parts, thereby improving installation efficiency. This approach ensures safer installations and competitive pricing for our customers. https://icc-rsf.com



One of the leading manufacturers of quality cast iron gas stoves, Jotul combines aesthetics and efficiency with their patented Heat Technology. Home-owners enjoy the beauty of cast iron details, realistic flames, minimal loss of heat, as well as optimal heat exchange from a Jotul gas stove. http://jotul.com

Pacific Energy

Experience the ultimate in comfort and warmth with the Pacific Energy Gas Collection. Stoves are superbly engineered for performance and efficiency and come standard with one-touch programmable remote controls. Even at the lowest settings, flames are appealing and full to warm the room. http://pacificenergy.net

True North

Designed for efficiency both in construction and performance, value priced without compromising quality, a True North gas stove is chosen for maximum value, comfort, safety, and ecology. Standard features include direct vent technology, integrated micro-mesh safety screen, and rich, full flames. http://truenorthstoves.com



With a variety of colors and styles reminiscent of wood stoves of the past an electric stove from Dimplex is sure to provide instant charm and warmth to a favorite area in your home. Features include a patented technology for creating a perfectly authentic flame and a powerful fan-forced heater designed to keep your room warm. http://www.dimplex.com