Have you always wanted a fireplace but, thought you did not have the time or the budget? The Hearth Shoppe makes buying your dream fireplace EASY and AFFORDABLE!

Step One

Visit The Hearth Shoppe’s beautiful showroom in Eau Claire. Meet with an EXPERIENCED Fireplace Consultant to view working displays of fireplaces to determine what model will best fit your individual needs, design preferences, and budget.

Step Two

Schedule a FREE In-Home Consultation. A Fireplace Consultant will travel to your home to study the interior and exterior of your house to determine the best placement, venting, and design for your fireplace.

Step Three

Select an AFFORDABLE Customer Payment Plan for YOUR budget!

20% Down, 8 Equal Payments, NO INTEREST-NO FINANCING!

10% Down, 6 Equal Payments, NO INTEREST-NO FINANCING!

The Hearth Shoppe accepts 3 major credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks.


Schedule a date for your fireplace installation. Relax knowing The Hearth Shoppe is a ONE STOP SHOP. Your consultant and technicians will orchestrate and complete the ENTIRE project for you.

Now, That’s EASY and AFFORDABLE!